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Charlie Russell
26 October 2023

Last weekend we attended the Fear Scream Park! This incredible Halloween event is the home...

The Best Halloween Animated Props in the UK
Neal Edlin
12 October 2023

Searching for the best animated halloween props in the UK? Look no further, as Mad About H...

Need some great Halloween Ideas?
Neal Edlin
8 September 2023

A great Halloween event typically includes a combination of spooky themes, creative decora...

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Rain Rain Go Away Review
Neal Edlin
31 August 2023

We had the pleasure of checking out new movie Rain Rain Go Away by Sebastiano Pupino....

Dario Argento: Doors into Darkness BFI Season – 2 FOR 1 TICKET OFFER
Neal Edlin
22 August 2023

The British Film Institute are bringing us another awesome month-long season of horror thi...

Scream-worthy products that wouldn’t look out of place on set
Neal Edlin
2 May 2023

Just weeks after the release of the fifth Scream movie in 2022, a sixth instalment of the ...

Scream 6 review
Neal Edlin
11 April 2023

Scream 6 review by our Sarah ......

ghostface scream scream 6
Bringing on-screen terror into your home
Neal Edlin
1 March 2023

As the UK’s leading horror and Halloween specialists, our mission is simple: to connect ...

Shop the biggest and most well-known horror brands
Neal Edlin
28 February 2023

Whenever our customers choose to part with their hard-earned money and invest in a special...

Horror Collectibles
Neal Edlin
14 November 2022

For the horror fiends and fanatics among you, we know that your love for the genre doesn&#...

What’s coming next at Mad About Horror?
Neal Edlin
7 November 2022

Halloween may have come and gone, but that's not to say there isn't plenty to look forward...

Mad About Horror: more than just costumes and props 
Neal Edlin
14 October 2022

If you're a horror fanatic like us then you'll know that it's something you...

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