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NECA – Elvira Body Knocker

NECA – Coraline Body Knocker

NECA – Universal Monsters – Frankenstein Body Knocker

Allegoria – Paint Monster Mask

Allegoria – Brody Mask

IRON STUDIOS – Universal Monsters Frankenstein 1/10 Statue

TOTS Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2013 Leatherface 1/6 Scale Figure

TOTS Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 – Leatherface 1/6 Scale Figure

Mezco’s Static-6 Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Premium 1:6 Scale Statue



NECA Captain Spaulding 20th Anniversary 8″ Clothed Figure

NECA Prey – Ultimate Feral Predator 7” Scale Action Figure

NECA The Thing – Deluxe Ultimate Dog Creature 7″ Figure

NECA Gremlins 2 – Bat Gremlin Deluxe Boxed 7″ Scale Action Figure

NECA The Nun (Valak) – The Conjuring Universe Ultimate 7″ Figure

Halloween Ends (2022) Michael Myers Ultimate 7″ Action Figure


Child’s Play 2 – Ultimate Chucky 1:1 Replica Doll – Tommy Head & Hands Set / Pizza Face Head (possibly Jan)

TOTS Hammer Horror – Dracula Prince Of Darkness – Dracula 1:6 Scale Figure (possibly Jan)

TOTS Hammer Horror – The Curse Of Frankenstein – The Creature 1:6 Scale Figure (possibly Jan)

Dungeons and Dragons – Venger Mask

Dungeons and Dragons – Pit Fiend Mask

Scream Greats – Killer Klowns From Outer Space – Slim 8″ Figure

Scream Greats – Killer Klowns From Outer Space – Shorty 8

Scream Greats – Killer Klowns From Outer Space – Fatso 8″

Scream Greats – Halloween 1978 Michael Myers 8″ Figure

Scream Greats – Candy Corn – Jacob Atkins 8″ Figure

Scream Greats – Motel Hell – Farmer Vincent 8″ Figure

Scream Greats – Candyman 8″ Figure



Expected arrival Q1 2024

PCS 1:4 GhostFace Deluxe Version Statue

Trick or Treat Studios Halloween 3 Pumpkin Pails

Trick or Treat Studios Creature from the Black Lagoon & Frankenstein Pumpkin Pails

Expected arrival Q2

IRON STUDIOS – The Exorcist Possessed Regan 1/10 Statue


MEZCO MDS Mega Scale Terrifier: Art The Clown With Sound

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