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Sabrina Vizor
23 February 2024

Unveiling Syndicate Collectibles

Mad About Horror are thrilled to introduce an incredible new brand from the USA, Syndicate Collectibles.

Mad About Horror are thrilled to introduce an incredible new brand from the USA, Syndicate Collectibles. This brand has captured our attention with its exciting and niche products that cater to the most dedicated fans of the genre. As we eagerly anticipate their upcoming releases, we can’t help but share our enthusiasm for what Syndicate has in store for us!

Syndicate: A Fresh Face in Horror Collectibles

Syndicate emerges as a promising American brand that has piqued the interest of Horror enthusiasts and us at Mad About Horror. With a focus on delivering unique and thrilling products, Syndicate stands out as a brand dedicated to providing collectors with items that go beyond the ordinary. From 1:10 statues, boxing puppets to Killer Klowns from Outer Space Bazooka replicas their range is extremely diverse and can offer something for everyone.

What sets Syndicate apart is their commitment to producing unique items, making it a brand to keep a close eye on. For classic Horror collectors, Syndicate are offering polystone 1:4 and 1:10 Pumpkinhead statues. These Pumpkinhead statues promise to capture the essence of the beloved creature, making them must-have additions for collectors of the cult classic. As passionate Horror distributors we are always on the lookout for elusive and rare pieces, and Syndicate seems poised to deliver on this front.


The New Ash Chainsaw from Evil Dead

One of the most anticipated releases from Syndicate is the development of the new Ash Chainsaw from Evil Dead. Fans of the iconic horror series will now have the chance to own a piece of cinematic history with this officially licensed replica.


One to Keep Your Eye On

With Syndicate making waves in the horror collectibles community, it’s clear that this is a brand worth watching. Whether you’re drawn to their new Ash Chainsaw (coming soon), haunting statues, or their selection of niche and hard-to-find items, Syndicate has something for every Horror connoisseur. Stay tuned for updates on their latest releases and be ready to elevate your Horror collection with Syndicate Collectibles at Mad About Horror!


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Sabrina Vizor

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