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Sabrina Vizor
4 July 2024

Maxxxine: The Final Act in an Exxxcellent Trilogy

The trilogy not only provides a fitting end to Maxine Minx's story but also positions Mia Goth firmly in the realm of modern horror icon.

The highly anticipated premiere of “Maxxxine” has finally arrived, serving as a stellar conclusion to the groundbreaking trilogy that began with “X” and “Pearl.” This final instalment not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing a fitting end to the journey of Maxine Minx, portrayed with intensity by Mia Goth.

A Journey from Stardom to Infamy

The “X” trilogy has captivated audiences since its inception, starting with the gritty and unsettling “X,” which introduced us to the character of Maxine Minx. In “Pearl,” we explored the haunting backstory that laid the groundwork for the events of “X.” Now, in “Maxxxine,” we follow Maxine’s relentless pursuit of stardom in a world where fame comes at a steep price.

Maxine’s journey to becoming “a star” is at the heart of “Maxxxine.” The film masterfully delves into the darker aspects of Hollywood, echoing the struggles and sacrifices faced by those who chase the elusive dream of fame. The narrative is enriched by the film’s setting, taking us through various iconic movie sets and locations at Universal Hollywood’s backlot. One standout scene features the legendary ‘Psycho’ House, adding an extra layer of cinematic nostalgia that horror fans will love.

While some reviews argue that “Maxxxine” strays from the pure horror roots of its predecessors, the film successfully blends elements of thriller and true crime to create a unique and satisfying conclusion. Instead, the levels of gore and shock are balanced, ensuring that the film retains its horror essence without overshadowing the narrative’s emotional depth. 

Kevin Bacon delivers a standout role that adds gravitas to the story. However, it is Mia Goth’s portrayal of Maxine that truly steals the show, capturing the complexity of a character torn between ambition and morality.

Director Ti West has crafted a film that is as much a love letter to cinema as it is a thrilling narrative. The use of various movie sets and references enrich the visual experience and the ‘Psycho’ house scene, in particular, stands out as a brilliant homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic.

The Perfect End to a Remarkable Trilogy

“Maxxxine” is the perfect culmination of the trilogy, the film’s ability to blend genres, deliver shocking moments, and pay tribute to cinematic history makes it less predictable than most. The trilogy as a whole has redefined horror and thriller genres, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for storytelling.

In conclusion, “Maxxxine” is a must-watch for fans of the trilogy and newcomers alike. It’s a film that promises and delivers a gripping, emotional, and visually stunning experience. As “Maxxxine” concludes, Mia Goth is further solidified in the horror genre. Her journey through this trilogy has showcased her exceptional range and ability to embody complex, multi-dimensional characters. Goth’s breakthrough in horror began with her role in Luca Guadagnino’s “Suspiria” (2018).  The trilogy not only provides a fitting end to Maxine Minx’s story but also positions Mia Goth firmly in the realm of modern horror icon.

Maxxxine release date uk:

Maxine is due to be released in UK cinemas 5th July 2024.

Sabrina Vizor Sabrina is MadAboutHorror's content editor.
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