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Sabrina Vizor
24 January 2024

New Releases at the Halloween & Party Expo in Vegas

New Releases at the Halloween & Party Expo in Vegas

Welcome to the first day of the Halloween & Party Expo in Vegas! Today marks the kick-off of the Halloween & Party Expo in the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas!

As we stepped into the thrilling world of Horror, the Trick or Treat Studios booth was an absolute must-visit. Our exploration began with the unveiling of their latest products, featuring lifelike vacuform masks, including iconic masks like Beetlejuice, David from The Lost Boys, and the striking Thanksgiving masks. Notably, they are reissuing a classic Freddy Krueger mask, originally produced by Don Post Studios, making it accessible once again. We were thrilled to see the return of the Jason Goes to Hell mask following the acquisition of Illusive Concepts.

The anticipation heightens as Trick or Treat Studios introduces a slew of new masks, including vintage-style vinyl officially licensed Goosebumps masks, showcasing bold colours and incredible craftsmanship. As these masks are made from vinyl as opposed to latex they will stand the test of time, promising a lifetime of chilling additions.

From the eerily lifelike to the downright terrifying, their exciting range of collectibles and props from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, Terrifier, phantasm and many more that will undoubtedly dominate the Horror scene in 2024.

But Trick or Treat Studios is just the beginning. As we traverse the expo floor, we’re encountering a plethora of vendors showcasing their own contributions to the world ofHorror. We were captivated by the all-new and diverse range of GhostFace masks from Fun World. It appears they’ve veered away from the ultra-white design and returned to the timeless classic EU mould, bringing delightful news for GhostFace collectors.

We also took a close look at the haunted house decorations, animatronics, and all things that go bump in the night, making this expo the place to see what we can expect this Halloween.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the Halloween & Party Expo, bringing you exclusive glimpses of the ghastly wonders that await. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date as we post updates live!

Sabrina Vizor

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