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Neal Edlin
1 March 2023

Bringing on-screen terror into your home

As the UK’s leading horror and Halloween specialists, our mission is simple: to connect fans of the genre with a product range designed to unleash their darkest nightmares. Everything we stock is carefully curated to help recreate the panic, fear and terror that the most iconic horror films from the big screen instil in us. 


From Stanley Kubrick’s dark dystopian film adaption ‘A Clockwork Orange’ to the cult classic ‘Shaun of the Dead’ starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, we stock a diverse range of products that will help you relive your favourite on-screen moments. 


Our team have painstakingly scoured our extensive catalogue to highlight some of their best-loved horror film and character related products.



Since the first Saw film burst onto cinema screens two decades ago, the franchise has become synonymous with Halloween and the wider horror genre; it’s a staple for horror fans all over the world. Set in an unnamed city in the US, the first eight instalments follow the story of fictional serial killer John ‘Jigsaw’ Kramer, while the ninth instalment revolves around a copycat killer without breaking continuity with the previous films. 


So what Saw themed items do we stock at Mad About Horror? Well, it might be easier to list the ones we don’t stock! For the collectors among you, we have a range of meticulously handcrafted MDS Mega Scale figures that all come with a display box to keep them in pristine condition. For those of you in search of items that are a bit more practical, fear not; we stock a number of Saw themed items that will make everyday tasks that bit more enjoyable, from air fresheners and pins to Christmas decorations and masks. 


Trick r Treat 

This quintessential Halloween film consists of five interwoven stories that occur in the same neighbourhood, on the same night. A Jack-o-Lantern that’s extinguished before midnight and a grumpy hermit’s encounter with a sinister trick-or-treater serve as the catalysts for the sequence of nightmarish events that ensue for characters as they cross paths with each other. 


To honour this beloved Halloween film, we’ve got an extensive collection of items that will help recreate the magic you saw unfold on the big screen. Whether you’re looking for a pumpkin handbag, a tasteful ornament to decorate your home with, or a subtle pin to wear on your clothes day-to-day, we’ve got something to satisfy everyone’s needs.


Universal Monsters

When we talk about the horror genre and its impact on popular culture, we can’t ignore the impact of the early films created by Universal Monsters. Simply put, without these films laying the groundwork the genre would not continue to enjoy such enduring popularity among fans. During the years of 1923 – 1960, stalwarts of the horror scene changed the course of this genre’s projection forever – think Dracula, Frankenstein, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Phantom of the Opera… the list goes on!


To pay homage to the lasting impact these films had on the genre we adore so much, we’ve amassed a huge collection of products that do justice to the long-lasting popularity of these films. Whether you want to add to your collection of NECA head knockers, carry a piece of film history with you everywhere you go in the form of a wallet or clothing, or just want to celebrate how these films made you feel in the form of commemorative coins – we’ve got it all!


Head over to our online store and filter your search by film title or character – it’s that simple: 

Neal Edlin
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